Puppy PreSchool - Bourne

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Prepare your Puppy for Life!


Offering more than just puppy play sessions Puppy PreSchool offers guidance and advice on all things puppy with an experienced and qualified Puppy Start Right instructor.


New experiences become harder for puppies to tolerate and accept if they are not met before the age of around 12 to 16 weeks. Failure to socialise and habituate puppies early could lead to fearful puppies. At Puppy PreSchool puppies will learn the skills required to help them to become capable and comfortable of dealing with the environment in which we expect them to accept and live every day. Puppy PreSchool is designed to begin building these skills through interaction with other young puppies, people, sounds and new experiences.


In addition, all sessions are supported with weekly emailed handouts. You will also receive handouts for keeping puppies occupied, the value of rewards, nipping/mouthing, maintaining attention and much more.

Puppy PreSchool - Bourne is located in a quiet rural location near Bourne, Lincs and provides a perfect environment for learning, benefitting from the use of a lovely indoor and outdoor space for training. 

Course Details

Available to book as a course of four hourly sessions (or less if starting after a course has begun).

For details of the next available course please do get in touch. 

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Sharon Dix

Puppy/Dog Training Instructor


Puppy Start Right for Instructors Graduate

(Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour)

Accredited in Canine Behaviour & Training 

(Sarah Whitehead, ThinkDog!)

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