'Prepare Your Puppy
for Life!'


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Preparing Your Puppy for Life!

Updated: Feb 16

Introducing our new self-paced learning opportunity.

'Raising a Puppy'

I am an experienced and qualified Puppy Start Right Instructor and an accedited puppy training instructor. Having helped many families over the years through my Puppy PreSchool I have now created a self-paced course which guides you through raising a puppy. Whether you are preparing for a new puppy or are struggling with one in the first few days and weeks of puppy ownership, this valuable resource is just what you need.

Benefits of learning at home



24/7 access to resources

Downloadable training handouts

Minimal distractions

Start training before vaccinations

No travelling

Being Prepared!

Take some stress out of becoming a new puppy parent and be prepared.

For more details visit my course platform.

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