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Covid-19 - How do I socialise my puppy?

Absence of Social Play Opportunities.

Socialising a puppy during the Covid-19 outbreak will be difficult but not impossible. The absence of social play with other puppies/dogs and people will be the one aspect that may suffer. However, socialisation and habituation covers lots of other elements, try some of these and begin 'preparing your puppy for life'.

Build up trust in you and your family - play lots of games or teach your puppy something new.

Play dress up – In the absence of meeting lots of new people, why not change your appearance and introduce yourself to your puppy. Put glasses on/off, wear a wig, wear a hat, put on a fancy-dress costume, put up an umbrella (outside of course!!).

Training on walks – Take your puppy out for their daily walk, even though you can’t interact with other people and their dogs your puppy can still watch them from a distance. Keep your puppies calm, get them to sit, reward them regularly. What about using these opportunities to practice focus and attention too with distraction?

Grooming and handling – Introduce grooming and get your puppies used to having their paws touched, having their ears looked at etc. All these things will help out at future vet visits.

Novel Stimuli – Introduce your puppy to lots of new things, include things that move or make sounds and be sure to gently explore items that you may want your puppy to be familiar with, eg: farm animals, boats, guns, bikes etc.

Exploring – Let your puppy explore lots of different areas around your home, garden and safe outdoor spaces.

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