Frequently asked questions

Is my puppy too old for Puppy PreSchool?

  Puppies must be no older than 16 weeks at the first session.

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What is the duration of each Puppy PreSchool course?

  Each course is four weeks in length (maybe less if you join once a course has started) with each session lasting

  approximately one hour.

What is the course fee for Puppy PreSchool?

  Full course details will be emailed to you following all email enquiries.

When is the next Puppy PreSchool course?

  New courses usually begin every month. Full course details will be emailed to you following your initial enquiry.

Where do courses and consultations take place?

  All sessions take place at our training venue in Greatford, Bourne, Lincs, PE9 4PR

What options are available if I can't commit to a course?

  Personal Training sessions are available on request; please contact us for further details.

My puppy is too old for Puppy PreSchool; what options are there instead?

  Puppy Training courses are available, details provided on request. 

  Alternatively, Personal Training sessions are available upon request and will be personalised to suit your requirements.

I've got a new puppy and need some guidance!

  New Puppy Consultations are available; please contact us for more details.

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